Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diy self service ramp hire?
It’s a carefully laid out space, with all the necessary garage equipment and tools, where individuals can carry out repairs, service and cleaning on their own vehicles.

Has this been done before?
Yes it has been done before but we are the largest DIY garage chain in the UK.

How many bays do you have?
There are a total of 3 bays available.

How many two post ramp/lifts do you have?
We have 3 bays available with two poster lifts.

How much does it cost?
Only £17.50 per hour for a car/van bay with lift & tools. There is a minimum 1 hour charge that applies.

How much does it cost to hire tools?
All ramps come with a standard tool kit with everything you need to carry out a service. We do have specialized tools that can be hired but be sure to contact us before your ramp booking to make sure we have it available.

What days are you open?
We are open 7 days a week 8:30-18:00,. You can book ramp time outside of these hours but there may be an additional fee. Contact us for more info.

What is the capacity of the two post lifts?
4 Tons

What type or size of cars can get on it?
Anything from a Smart car to a Hummer.

Can vans use the facility?
Yes, but only up to the weight of 4 Tons. Please specify when you book just to make sure you will fit.

What type of vans can use it?
Small vans and transit vans can use the bays and the lifts.

Are there any restrictions on engine capacity?

What tasks can I carry out?
Depending on your skill anything from servicing, changing brakes, exhaust, transmission and engines.

Do you sell parts?
We sell all car parts which are normally supplied within the hour. Performance car parts are on a 24 hour delivery.

Do you sell oil and fluids?
We sell all the basic oils and fluids.

Can you provide repair estimates?